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Don’t I Need More Protein for More Strength, Energy, Health and Fitness? (Part 1 of 2)

Most of us believe that more protein is necessary for increased strength and fitness and higher energy. This is a common myth, accepted without question, that has been perpetuated in the last fifty or more years.And in today’s commercial climate of the advertising and the promotion of meat, dairy products, protein diets, protein drinks, protein shakes, protein bars, and fitness gurus, perhaps you may find yourself wondering: “Don’t we need more protein for strength and energy?”We do not need to eat meat protein in order to grow big, strong muscles and to generate more energy. Plant foods provide all the protein we need for healthy, strong muscles.As for energy, our best sources of energy are not provided by protein at all.You can do the research in some basic biology or nutrition books to find out what foods provide strength and energy, or just look to nature for some common sense answers.What is one of the biggest mammals on this planet? Does an elephant immediately come to mind? What food sources provide this animal with great, big, strong muscles and more than enough energy?Plant foods! Elephants don’t eat cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, eggs, milk, cheese, or fish to get their protein to grow big, powerful muscles and to boost their energy.Elephants eat plant foods and not a big variety of plant foods at that. If elephants can eat and thrive on only plant foods, don’t you think that you, with your relatively little muscles and little body, can thrive on plant foods also? Of course you can.When in doubt about which foods are necessary for human health, just ask the elephants!But what about energy? Don’t we need to eat animal sources of protein to get enough energy?Find out in Part 2 of this 2-part article: Don’t I Need More Protein for More Strength, Energy, and Fitness?